A comic about a Yoshi, and his efforts to become a hero. To evolve, become something more than he was meant to be.

July 27th, 2007, 7:29 am
Several things, plus new layout

Well, first of all, two things;

1) Check out Comic 123, it's the longest comic I've ever made for TYH. I didn't count the panels, but it's a MONSTAH.

2) Those of you who are fans, and are of a fairly mature age / have parent's consent (I gotta keep a reputation here), should check out the ending days of Bob and George. I never pictured the man's comic ending, but I'm glad it did rather than dragging out. David Anez is a sprite comic genius, and deserves the large amount of fans he has. Sadly, I cannot say he initially inspired me to sprite or comic, but he is a great inspiration nonetheless.

Now, I was also thinking that this Zelda parody is coming to a close soon. So, should I not change the background accordingly? Nothing as white as the last one, but a new background. Not particularly tied to any one setting, and it'd be a default look for the comic. So, does anyone have any suggestions? If not, I'll just make it myself. AGAIN.